Aug. 11th, 2011 07:42 am
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At the urging of like half the people from [profile] alwaysunami, we started playing City of Heroes yesterday. I think Beth likes it better than she ever liked World of Warcraft, hahaha. In fact, she likes the game so much she ended up getting the very basic version, with no expansion packs, so we could have fun playing without that stupid "you're using a trial version durrrr" thing in the middle of the screen.

We made a character together. XD Her name's Violet Em. (We had a Violet Emerald, too, but since the game we bought is a downgrade from the demo we played, we can't play Violet Emerald.) She looks pretty damn badass. And sexy. I'd do her. XD Can't wait to see Kyte's character. We tried playing with him earlier but we had to go through a huge stupid tutorial, and by the time we got to the end our head was hurting because frigging ALL of us were trying to front. Ellie wanted to talk to Kael, and I do feel a little bad that they couldn't talk, but hey, video game. Playing as Violet EM, not Violet Ellie. XD But yeah. Headache. Nasty one. So we had to leave, and go do something else for a bit. (That something else was watching two hours of True Blood, eff yeah, I think that's my favorite show) When we came back, nobody from Unami was on, so we ended up playing alone.

Hope we all get to play together today. :D I hope. Beth kinda feels bad about not playing WoW, since the husband bought her Cataclysm for Christmas, but maybe she'll pick that up again when CoH goes free to play.

We gotta get ready for work soon. Ended up sleeping in a little today, so we're a little behind. But the sleep? Worth it. XD

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So, I think Kyte may have convinced me to start playing City of Heroes. Not sure. Still waiting on the damn thing to download, haha. 16%! This thing may be downloaded by the time we wake up tomorrow, hahaha.

Snuck out at work today, and behaved myself quite well. Apparently the new building we're working in has window shades that can be automatically controlled, based on light sensors and stuff. One of the guys Beth works with calls it "letting HAL control the shades", hahah. Anyway, someone set the shades on auto and they just kept going up and down and up and down, then they'd stay down for a bit, then go up halfway.... XD Yeah. Very entertaining. And there was free coffee! XD Kael had to deal with me going all loopy when we got home. XD

*snorts* Beth's listening to the IT Training podcast, which is done by one of her supervisors and one of her co-workers, and it's so weird hearing the guys come out of our speakers. XD

Okay, I'm done for the night. Beth's gonna do a little work and then go to bed. Yay. XD
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There is plaster dust all over our keyboard. And a pony shelf up. Hooray! We've got our desk back! From down here, it looks like Princess Luna is plotting things.

Been a little bit... thinky lately. I've been thinking about who I am as a part of Gembell. I feel like the cheery, awkward, shy little sister in this strange family. While I'm always happy, lately I seem to be goofing things up pretty regularly. And I really struggle sometimes to get my point across, simply because I'm too shy and it just messes everything up.

I mean, I'll probably never have any sort of significant other, like Em and Beth, because I'm just too shy to actually tell someone I like them. And if I ever did get it out, I don't think I'd be able to hold a real conversation. I just... clam up.

I wish I were more like Em. Bold and not afraid to say what's on her mind.

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I don't think that I've ever really sat down and talked about myself in here. Certainly not before I matured a bit, and I haven't really been here all that much afterwards to talk much. I think I want to change that.

I like to be outside. I like to smell the fresh air, feel the warm sun on my skin, and wiggle my bare feet in the grass. I like to swim in lakes and rivers, I love to sit outside at night and watch the stars. When I disappear for a bit, I generally disappear to this beautiful forest clearing. Trees all around, quiet except for the sounds of animals and birds. It's very peaceful.

I like reading about mythology, and learning about mythological figures. I especially like Ariadne and stories based on her and the labyrinth. Not sure why, but I do. I've read a handful of books based on her mythology, and I've liked them. Except for the last two books of The Troy Game by Sara Douglass, we tried to read that series and liked it at the beginning, and wanted to toss the last book at the wall towards the end. Aheheh. I also like reading about mythology in general, and looking at mythology related art. I think I had a big hand in Beth picking Art History for a major in college.

I like to collect My Little Ponies. But that's not a surprise, now, is it?

I like to listen to music and sing. I like a little of everything, but mostly lean towards upbeat stuff. I like to be happy. :)

I absolutely love to draw and be creative. Drawing is one of my most favorite things to do, drawing and coloring and painting. There's nothing like filling a page with color, bright color, and stepping back to look at it and feeling... accomplished. Good. Wonderful. I'm not so good when it comes to writing, but sometimes I can come up with good ideas, and Ellie and Beth can translate them to words and stories.

I don't like causing people pain, or making people feel awkward. (which I just failed at, because I'm pretty sure I just made Kyte feel all kinds of awkward just now and I feel miserable) I like it when people are happy. I know not everyone can be happy all the time, but I try to help people feel better when I can. It's just how I am.

Gaaah. I lost my little train of thoughts. Now I have no idea what else to write about. So, I think I might just stop here. I can always add to this later, as I discover more about myself.
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I'm about ready to name our desk Equestria, holy crap. You don't even want to know how many ponies are crammed onto here. I should see about getting the pony shelf up today... I'm still trying to figure out the best place to put it. Hrm.

Well, Ellie's not nearly as upset as she was yesterday, but she's still cranky at Em, especially now that Em told Bryan Ell's secret. Oh, the drama.... *rolls eyes* But yeah. Ellie's alright now, for the most part.

I think we've finally settled in here, in Bloomington - the others are actually starting to feel more like themselves, and I'm pretty comfortable here - it feels like home here, and less like a visit where we're going to head back up to Potsdam the following week. And Em finally is able to completely front again, and Ellie's a bit more talkative and a lot less hidey. Good things all around. :D

Next week starts work at the new office. I'm excited, although there's going to be a lot less privacy there than there was in my sad old cube. Oh well. I'll survive. Just means not letting the girls out at work unless I'm really, really not doing well. Hopefully getting out of Potsdam will help that. We're all very happy to be out of there - just not so happy that it threw us all off kilter so much. ^^;



Aug. 5th, 2011 09:21 pm
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So. I don't usually get mad but once in a very great while I do and it's not fun.

I told Em a secret and she told Kyte. And I am not happy about that at all.

Grrrrrrrrr. Now I'm mad and embarrassed and I just want to hide. :(
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I feel like a frigging idiot. :/

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I hate butting Ell out of the way but HOLY CRAP WE FORGOT THE MEME.

So I'm gonna catch us up a little. :D

6. Can you remember things that other people in your group do? Are you aware of what happens in the front when you're not there?
Beth and I generally remember what the other does when one's fronting - unless one of us wants private time, and that's usually me, aheheheheh. But yeah. Beth and I are good at letting the others be aware. Ellie, though, when she goes off on her vacations, she doesn't tell us where she goes. Hell, she doesn't even really talk about them, just that she's gone and now she's back. (speaking of Ellie I hope she sticks around for a while)

7. Do you remember dreams? Are they your own? Do you share each others' dreams?
We remember our own dreams, or sometimes Beth'll wake up and say "Oh, Em had a good dream last night" because she can... kinda feel the residue of that dream? I dunno. Sometimes we do share dreams - we'll both be in one and we'll talk to each other and everything. Mostly Ellie and I share dreams, but once in a while Beth and I will dream together.

8. Do you all take responsibility when you wrong somebody as a group effort, more collective apology or do you expect the person who did the wrong to fess up?
Hm. I guess it's a group effort? Depends on how we screwed up, who it involves, and so on. When I piss the husband off, for example, Beth will end up apologizing for me, because she knows I wouldn't do it on my own. But if I end up screwing things up with Kyte, I think everyone here'd try to patch things up. Mostly because we're close with his entire system. And I think Beth kinda views him as an adorable little brother. But shhh. She probably didn't want me saying that. And I'm way off topic here. Next question!

9. Is there one in your group that stays in the body for more time than the rest? (How often do your primary front-runners change? How often do frontiers switch out? Is fronting a skill that has to be taught?)
Beth tends to have most of the front time, considering she's got the body's legal identity and everything. Aside from her, though, I front a hell of a lot more than Ellie does. Ell and I didn't really need to be taught how to front, although it was a different experience for both of us when we first started to front. Beth had to help me forward - I'd struggle in the back sometimes, trying to get front, and Beth'd play some of my favorite music and it'd get me relaxed enough to get to front. Ellie, she just slips in and out like a natural. Sometimes we don't even realize she's there until she speaks, haha.

10. How do you parcel out time during waking hours between work, school, hobbies, social commitments? Is it left up to whomever is in the front or do you plan it out? How do you balance money/space usage?
We're still working on that, now that we've moved and are trying to settle into a new work routine. I tend to get to come out in the evenings, when we don't have to work, and on the weekends too. And sometimes I sneak out during band practice and play, which is funny, because nobody ever thinks of me as a band geek. As for money? I ask Beth if I can buy something. She asks the husband. He rolls his eyes, and generally I get what I was looking for. Then again, I don't ask for much. The biggest thing I've asked for is my wig.

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I'm back from another of my extended vacations! Did anyone miss me? I ended up spending time someplace nice and green. And warm. Then again, everywhere seems to be really warm lately. I like it warm, but not this warm! Even Em's getting sick of the heat, and she'd probably live in the desert if she could.

Em and I have been doing some thinking about spirituality lately - not together, though, it just happens it's been on both our minds. We both tend to lean towards the Greco-Roman pantheon - I think we all do, actually - since we're fond of Greek and Roman mythology. I'm just not quite sure which deity I would connect with the most. I guess I just have to open myself up and listen for one to call to me, or work to see which one I connect to the most.

Hmm. Things to think about, I guess.
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This was a good weekend. :D

Got to spend the evening with Kyte yesterday, which was awesome. Dealt with some awkwardness, too, but not with Kyte - just other stuff going on. I stayed up until after midnight. It was awesome. XD I never get to stay up that late!

So, Beth and I came up with an idea for our next NaNoWriMo novel. We're gonna keep it under wraps for now, since we're not sure how well it'll be received. It just hit us, though, BANG, this good idea. We felt it in the same brainspot we did when the idea for last year's NaNo hit us, if that makes any sense. And last year's was a winner, so I think this one could win too. Just gotta figure out what the main story's going to be, how things are gonna flow, what the conflict is. Stuff like that. We've got time. :D
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Mmkay, so posting in two journals every freaking day? Didn't happen. O_o

So I think we're just gonna concentrate on one post a day from House Gembell, whether it be here or at Beth's personal journal.

Not much went on the past few days. We fell asleep at stupid o'clock last night (seriously, Beth, what happened to staying up until midnight?), woke up early this morning, and we've got a long-ass day at work today. Maybe during our afternoon break I'll work on that crazy MLP project we've got going.

Or maybe I'll work on writing a little. Got a very basic outline for our NaNo '11 story, and been cranking out some story snippets for inspiration. Wondering if I'm gonna be the one doing most of the writing this year, instead of just sitting here, trying to figure out how to tell Beth that I'm here.

Maaan. Now I just wanna take the day off and write. Too bad we can't. Ugh. Hopefully the story can wait until after 1.


edit: 750 words about the headspace, or more specifically, my part of it )
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Holy crap, who knew picking icons was so hard? I decided I'd find us all some icons that... well, were more us, and it took for freaking ever. And I ended up neglecting Kyte in the process. Which sucks because we hardly talked this week. BLAAH.

In unrelated news, IT RAINED TODAY HOMG. YES. Still humid as all hell outside, but hey, we may be able to bike to work tomorrow! Sweet.

Beth found some ANCIENT pictures of me. From like 2002. She hung them up. I think she's crazy.
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So, Beth and I have just come up with this idea where we're gonna post in our journals every day. (Or someone's gonna post here every day - it's not just my journal, I'm just the vocal one, ha.) So, here I am. Posting. So nobody thinks we're dead.

Can't wait until the heat wave goes. I like it hot, yeah, but 100 degrees is a little much, 'specially with the humidity. Urgh. I want to go to the mall as myself, wig and all. And in loli. I think the husband said he'd dress up with me if I decided to do that. Which is pretty awesome. I think he's tolerating me better. I think.

Work's been busy. I've decided that the best thing to do is just disappear when we're at work - this way we don't have any... incidents like at the non-credit office. I want things to be good for Beth here. I want her to be happy, yanno?

We went to this grad student social night last night, us and the husband. He bought Beth a drink, and just for laughs I fronted for a few minutes. Then realized one of Beth's co-workers was there, freaked, and left. I liked the place, though. Maybe we'll go back at some point when there's no people from work there. Dunno. Rambling. Not enough coffee in my system.

I think I'm gonna redo our journal theme and maybe make us some new icons and stuff today. It's a lazy day, our first day off in a while with no in-laws. YAY. So. Yeah. Gonna lounge around and be productive on the internets. XD Because that's totally productive. Yeah.


edit: Wearing the wig again. I like how very... me I look. I mean, I look at pictures of us where I'm fronting without it, and things just look... weird. ^_^;;
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I know, I practically never post here, but I figured some people on our friends list will appreciate this.

I went onto Hot Topic's website to look at My Little Pony shirts... and while I was there...


OH MY GOD. Ellie's been in squee mode all morning so far. If there's anything she loves, it's Sailor Moon.

So I bought one with Tuxedo Mask on it. XD Oh man. The manga's being re-released (and re-released WELL, by Kodansha), there are t-shirts in Hot Topic again....

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We are so horrible at memes... Also, since I'm mostly awake, you get the answers mostly from my point of view. (and me = Em. XD )

2. How do you find new members? (Do you find other members mostly through journaling? Or can you see and hear them?)

New members wander in, I guess. Like, when we figured out Ellie was part of the crew, it's because she just came in to visit, like she used to do back when we were younger but didn't realize exactly what was going on. I came out from some nasty traumatic stuff back when Beth was a teenager, and George was always around until recently, and we haven't had anyone new come in since... well, since I came in. I keep forgetting I'm the baby of this bunch, haha. I mean, Ellie just had her 15th birthday! (And that's not how old she identifies as, that's how many years she's been with us)

3. How do you choose who wears what? Do you argue over clothing styles?

OH LORD. Beth dresses like she did in high school - t-shirts and jeans. And I'm sick of it, haha. I like to dress in louder things. Like corsets, fishnet shirts, long skirts, gothic lolita, and so on. Ellie doesn't really care what we wear, as long as it's comfortable. She's not a fan of tight clothes.

4. How are decisions made in the front (consensus/majority rules/one person makes them/other)?

Well, since there's usually only two of us in residence now, and occasionally three, we try to come to a consensus when there's a decision to be made. What's best for all of us, and so on.

5. Is knowledge shared equally or do some people have access to things that other people don't?

We try to share knowledge equally. Ellie doesn't tend to share her knowledge with others, she keeps up a mysterious front, but Beth and I kind of have an open well of knowledge. Or a library. Either way, if I need to know something, or want to know something, I can find it. :D

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So, we've been pretty quiet here lately, and to make up for it, we're gonna do a meme! Lets see if we can make it through all 30 days.

1. How do you communicate? (Do you ever hear each others voices? Do you ever talk to/with each other out loud? Do you ever leave notes for one another? Do you ever communicate without words (using images/feelings/colors/etc)?)

We tend to talk to each other in the headspace, although sometimes in the shower we'll talk to each other. Em will email Beth sometimes, when Beth needs to remember something, and yes, we'll leave each other little written notes, too. And sometimes we'll communicate just by... projecting ourselves, I guess? Like, for example, Beth's having a bad day, and she'll lay down and Em will cuddle her, and they'll both actually feel it. (It gets unsettling sometimes, cuddling and being cuddled at the same time, haha.)

The rest of the questions )
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Em, grumbling: Why the hell am I up so early? Why the hell are WE up so early?

Ellie: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! :D And Bryan got me a Rainbow Dash pony! *picks the pony up and flies it around the desk* 20% cooler! *makes little wooshy flying noises*

Em: Ahhhh. Yeah. You do turn old today. :P

Ellie: Just because I've been around longer than you is no reason to pick on me! Hmph. *goes back to playing with her ponies*

Em: Yep, Ellie's been with us in some way, shape, or form for 15 years today. Holy crap. Maybe we should watch some Sailor Moon tonight to celebrate. Or ponies.
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Okay, so apparently nobody else remembered to post yesterday. S'okay. They'll speak up eventually. When they get back. Ellie seems to have fluttered off to wherever she goes, and George is MIA again.

SOOO. Apparently I like Olivia Newton-John. Or just this one song by her. XD Beth heard a bastardized version of it on the radio in a Macy's or JC Penney commercial, and so she put it on on her computer now that we're finally home from the HORRENDOUS BMV, and as soon as it started I friggin' shot forward. XD

Or maybe I like the movie Xanadu. Dunno. It's been years since Beth's watched it. We might have to remedy that. If we can find our DVD.

Work in about two hours-ish. Gotta bring our laptop today, since the workshop we're observing is full. Joy. Hopefully we can actually get on the effing network today. O_o

*hours later*

And apparently I forgot to hit post? OH I REMEMBER. Got distracted with icon making. Whoops.


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