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So, Beth and I have just come up with this idea where we're gonna post in our journals every day. (Or someone's gonna post here every day - it's not just my journal, I'm just the vocal one, ha.) So, here I am. Posting. So nobody thinks we're dead.

Can't wait until the heat wave goes. I like it hot, yeah, but 100 degrees is a little much, 'specially with the humidity. Urgh. I want to go to the mall as myself, wig and all. And in loli. I think the husband said he'd dress up with me if I decided to do that. Which is pretty awesome. I think he's tolerating me better. I think.

Work's been busy. I've decided that the best thing to do is just disappear when we're at work - this way we don't have any... incidents like at the non-credit office. I want things to be good for Beth here. I want her to be happy, yanno?

We went to this grad student social night last night, us and the husband. He bought Beth a drink, and just for laughs I fronted for a few minutes. Then realized one of Beth's co-workers was there, freaked, and left. I liked the place, though. Maybe we'll go back at some point when there's no people from work there. Dunno. Rambling. Not enough coffee in my system.

I think I'm gonna redo our journal theme and maybe make us some new icons and stuff today. It's a lazy day, our first day off in a while with no in-laws. YAY. So. Yeah. Gonna lounge around and be productive on the internets. XD Because that's totally productive. Yeah.


edit: Wearing the wig again. I like how very... me I look. I mean, I look at pictures of us where I'm fronting without it, and things just look... weird. ^_^;;


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