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There is plaster dust all over our keyboard. And a pony shelf up. Hooray! We've got our desk back! From down here, it looks like Princess Luna is plotting things.

Been a little bit... thinky lately. I've been thinking about who I am as a part of Gembell. I feel like the cheery, awkward, shy little sister in this strange family. While I'm always happy, lately I seem to be goofing things up pretty regularly. And I really struggle sometimes to get my point across, simply because I'm too shy and it just messes everything up.

I mean, I'll probably never have any sort of significant other, like Em and Beth, because I'm just too shy to actually tell someone I like them. And if I ever did get it out, I don't think I'd be able to hold a real conversation. I just... clam up.

I wish I were more like Em. Bold and not afraid to say what's on her mind.

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I'm back from another of my extended vacations! Did anyone miss me? I ended up spending time someplace nice and green. And warm. Then again, everywhere seems to be really warm lately. I like it warm, but not this warm! Even Em's getting sick of the heat, and she'd probably live in the desert if she could.

Em and I have been doing some thinking about spirituality lately - not together, though, it just happens it's been on both our minds. We both tend to lean towards the Greco-Roman pantheon - I think we all do, actually - since we're fond of Greek and Roman mythology. I'm just not quite sure which deity I would connect with the most. I guess I just have to open myself up and listen for one to call to me, or work to see which one I connect to the most.

Hmm. Things to think about, I guess.


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