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Jun. 30th, 2012 11:11 am
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Well, it's been pretty uneventful on the House Gembell front lately. Just been relaxing, all of us - well, all of us but Beth, who's been working quite a bit. But other than that, things've been nice.

Beth's been working on her craft blog a lot. Considering she's heavy into crafting lately, there's no shortage of things to post there. She's currently working on making some My Little Ponies out of crochet, as well as making some prayer shawls for the Sisterhood of Avalon.

Em's been pretty cheerful - for reasons I won't quite go into here. However, this is the happiest she's been in a long time, and that warms my heart. She has dealt with a lot of stress this year - all of us have, really - but it's been the hardest on her, and she deserves time to be happy.

In other news, there's too much computer on this desk. Beth brings home new computers like they're stray puppies. You can't go anywhere in here without tripping over technology... this can't be healthy. *sighs, rolls his eyes* Oh well. It's not exactly my place to say anything. *shrugs*
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Things have been wonderfully quiet here. (Well, except for the thunderstorm that's currently rumbling into town. That's the opposite of quiet.) Beth has started a blog on her website, and may be cross-posting those entries to her DW account. Em has just been watching True Blood in anticipation of the new season starting, and working on finishing up that shawl she started. Ellie's been MIA for a little while, since Beth's birthday was finished - I'm wondering if we should even count her as a system member anymore. She's gone more often than not lately. *sighs, shrugs* We'll see. She'll always have a place here, that's for sure.

I think the three of us here need to get back in touch with our spirituality. We've been drifting a little bit, it feels, and haven't really done much Avalonian work lately - so we may do something this evening, possibly some meditating and reading.

I feel that I'm the spiritual guide here - and I feel that I've been slacking off in my position as of late, eheh.
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Em's using my last name now, instead of borrowing Beth's.

(For a while, she was using her ex-boyfriend Kyte's last name - however, after their explosive parting of ways, she didn't want to associate herself with that name - or the person she was when she had that name. So, being Beth's sister, she borrowed her name - her married last name, anyway, which also felt awkward. Em put it as "wearing a pair of pants that're someone else's - they might actually fit you, but fuck, it feels weird wearin' 'em".)

I won't deny it, it gives me some warm fuzzy feelings deep down inside. There's nothing beyond her just swiping my name, we aren't married - but it still makes me feel good, seeing her name like that. Em Michaels. Emerald Victoria Michaels.

*dopey grin* Yeah. I like it.
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Today is an absolutely beautiful sunny day. It's days like these where I love to spend the entire day outside, just soaking up the light. It's a little hot for my tastes, but there's not much I can do about that - so I'm just going to make sure the body stays hydrated and cool and enjoy this beautiful sun.

We're managing to push through the ridiculous mess with the bedroom ceiling, finally. Beth has settled into some sort of routine again, which is good. When her routine's thrown out of whack, it causes her some serious troubles - she finds it hard to concentrate, and her whole day ends up thrown off the rails. I'm glad she's finally settling into some sort of routine again.

(For those who don't know, I just realized nobody has posted about it here - when we came back from vacation on Wednesday, we came home to find out the upstairs toilet had a rather epic leak, causing the ceiling in the master bedroom to turn into a waterfall, ruining the bed and soaking the carpet. It was not a fun thing to come home to.)

Mm. I'm looking forward to the short walk we're going to have this afternoon, from the bus stop to the coffee/tea shop where Beth's meeting with a friend for some tea.
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Well, this journal is, anyway.

And I figure I may as well introduce myself. I'm Torrin, one of the newer members of House Gembell. Em and I thought that it might be a good idea to dust off this journal and start posting in it again, to give those of us here who don't have personal journals a place to talk, and maybe encourage some of us to post more.

Anyway, if you've been following this journal for a while and decide you'd rather not read us anymore, feel free to remove any access/subscriptions you may have - I promise we won't be offended. We won't be cross-posting anything we write here to our personal journals, and vice versa - if I've got something I want to share that I wrote in my own journal, I'll likely post a link here, mixed in with other content as well to keep everyone entertained.

Hopefully this will encourage some of our quieter members to come out and talk!



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