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Figured I may as well catch everyone up on what's been going on, since Beth's been busy freaking out over schoolwork and Ellie's been busy freaking out over the ponies. Gotta admit, I like the ponies too. Pinkie Pie is my favorite, because she's just so ridiculous. XD

Anyhow. School's done in a few weeks - scary. It'll be nice to be done with it for a while, though. Beth's birthday is soon too - in two weeks, actually. And with moving and everything, it's gonna be busy here for a few weeks. S'kinda scary to think that this time next month, we'll be mostly packed up and getting ready to get the hell outta here.

Spent the past few days at the in-laws. Beth hardly had any time to relax, or even do homework, so she's stressing out already. (Half tempted to ask the boss when we see her tonight if we can go in a little later tomorrow, to catch up on sleep and stuff. What we really need is a mental health day, but that ain't gonna happen.) Spent our time either pretending really hard to be singlet, or hiding in the room so I could sneak out and talk to Guin. Or going to the husband's grandparents' house and dealing with cranky Grandma. Urgh.

But yeah. Back to Guin. Ahhh, just thinking about her makes me giggly. It's so... unlike me. But I guess different people bring out different things in you. *smiles* With Guin, it's all good things. Gets me thinking about myself a little more - still sorting myself out, I guess. Not a bad thing, though. It's not like the core of my being has changed or anything - it's more like I'm discovering the little bits and pieces that make me up. It's like... a puzzle, I guess. You put together the outside, the edges, to see where things start to go, and then you fill in the middle. So, right now I'm filling in the middle, and Guin's helping a bit. Kyte too. And even Beth and the husband, a little.

So, yeah, maybe I'm not the cranky, fierce, intense thing I was when I first came onto the scene. I've grown, I guess you could say. Evolved, like a Pokemon. XD

Gonna wrap this up before I make any more dopey jokes. All in all, things are good. :)


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