Aug. 11th, 2011 07:42 am
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At the urging of like half the people from [profile] alwaysunami, we started playing City of Heroes yesterday. I think Beth likes it better than she ever liked World of Warcraft, hahaha. In fact, she likes the game so much she ended up getting the very basic version, with no expansion packs, so we could have fun playing without that stupid "you're using a trial version durrrr" thing in the middle of the screen.

We made a character together. XD Her name's Violet Em. (We had a Violet Emerald, too, but since the game we bought is a downgrade from the demo we played, we can't play Violet Emerald.) She looks pretty damn badass. And sexy. I'd do her. XD Can't wait to see Kyte's character. We tried playing with him earlier but we had to go through a huge stupid tutorial, and by the time we got to the end our head was hurting because frigging ALL of us were trying to front. Ellie wanted to talk to Kael, and I do feel a little bad that they couldn't talk, but hey, video game. Playing as Violet EM, not Violet Ellie. XD But yeah. Headache. Nasty one. So we had to leave, and go do something else for a bit. (That something else was watching two hours of True Blood, eff yeah, I think that's my favorite show) When we came back, nobody from Unami was on, so we ended up playing alone.

Hope we all get to play together today. :D I hope. Beth kinda feels bad about not playing WoW, since the husband bought her Cataclysm for Christmas, but maybe she'll pick that up again when CoH goes free to play.

We gotta get ready for work soon. Ended up sleeping in a little today, so we're a little behind. But the sleep? Worth it. XD



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