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2015-10-14 05:11 pm

Guess we should dust off the furniture and things...

... It's the first time in years that more than two of us have been in residence at House Gembell, and also since Beth has been the main person fronting. It's probably safe to say that due to some serious drama that went down a couple years ago, most everyone fled and House Gembell was tenanted by a very lethargic/lurky Em and a very confused Beth.

Things are different, that's for sure. Coming back here, though, feels right.
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2012-06-30 11:11 am
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An update.

Well, it's been pretty uneventful on the House Gembell front lately. Just been relaxing, all of us - well, all of us but Beth, who's been working quite a bit. But other than that, things've been nice.

Beth's been working on her craft blog a lot. Considering she's heavy into crafting lately, there's no shortage of things to post there. She's currently working on making some My Little Ponies out of crochet, as well as making some prayer shawls for the Sisterhood of Avalon.

Em's been pretty cheerful - for reasons I won't quite go into here. However, this is the happiest she's been in a long time, and that warms my heart. She has dealt with a lot of stress this year - all of us have, really - but it's been the hardest on her, and she deserves time to be happy.

In other news, there's too much computer on this desk. Beth brings home new computers like they're stray puppies. You can't go anywhere in here without tripping over technology... this can't be healthy. *sighs, rolls his eyes* Oh well. It's not exactly my place to say anything. *shrugs*
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2012-06-17 09:34 am
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(no subject)

I am so incredibly happy.

I can't really get into why. But I'm just going to say things feel right for the first time in a long time.
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2012-06-07 09:39 pm
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(no subject)





*goes into crankypants mode, pouts*
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2012-06-04 03:15 pm
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What do you do when you realize you are not the person you thought you were?

There's been some sort of... shift inside here. I mentioned in my personal journal a few months ago that Beth and I were somehow slipping into each other - and I was deathly afraid we were going to integrate.

Well, I think parts of me have integrated with her. Just parts. The rest of me is here. The core Em that came here in the first place. But some parts have merged with Beth. And I haven't quite figured out exactly what I'm left with here. (Aside from lacking a penchant for swearing my face off - Beth has definitely taken that from me, haha) And some parts of me have just been... released into the ether, it feels like. Parts that have been let go of both of us, for our own sakes.

Beth has become more assertive lately. A little more fierce. A little louder. More comfortable in her own body, so to speak. She feels like I used to, she says. It's strange. We've both changed.

To put it really simply... I feel like the Em from the books, somewhat.

And I also feel very, very confused.
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2012-05-30 07:51 am
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(no subject)

Yeah. I've been too quiet lately, both inside and outside of headspace. I need to get my ass on IM more and just talk to people.

Mostly I've been just sitting around, crocheting and watching True Blood, and living an entirely too damn quiet life. S'probably a good thing after all the drama bullshit that's happened so far this year. I need to recharge. Spend time with good people, instead of toxic ones.

So that's what I'm gonna work on doing.

Well, that and increasing our pony collection. XD
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2012-05-29 06:41 am
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(no subject)

Things have been wonderfully quiet here. (Well, except for the thunderstorm that's currently rumbling into town. That's the opposite of quiet.) Beth has started a blog on her website, and may be cross-posting those entries to her DW account. Em has just been watching True Blood in anticipation of the new season starting, and working on finishing up that shawl she started. Ellie's been MIA for a little while, since Beth's birthday was finished - I'm wondering if we should even count her as a system member anymore. She's gone more often than not lately. *sighs, shrugs* We'll see. She'll always have a place here, that's for sure.

I think the three of us here need to get back in touch with our spirituality. We've been drifting a little bit, it feels, and haven't really done much Avalonian work lately - so we may do something this evening, possibly some meditating and reading.

I feel that I'm the spiritual guide here - and I feel that I've been slacking off in my position as of late, eheh.
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2012-05-25 08:30 am
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Em's using my last name now, instead of borrowing Beth's.

(For a while, she was using her ex-boyfriend Kyte's last name - however, after their explosive parting of ways, she didn't want to associate herself with that name - or the person she was when she had that name. So, being Beth's sister, she borrowed her name - her married last name, anyway, which also felt awkward. Em put it as "wearing a pair of pants that're someone else's - they might actually fit you, but fuck, it feels weird wearin' 'em".)

I won't deny it, it gives me some warm fuzzy feelings deep down inside. There's nothing beyond her just swiping my name, we aren't married - but it still makes me feel good, seeing her name like that. Em Michaels. Emerald Victoria Michaels.

*dopey grin* Yeah. I like it.
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2012-05-24 07:24 pm
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Doing some "get your frustrations out" crocheting. I'm turning my crankiness into a scooter seat cover so our ass doesn't roast when riding in this ridiculous summer heat. It's going to be rainbow colored like the NyanCat sticker we've got on the side of Scooterlou.

AND HOLY HELL it is so good to have Scooterlou back. I hope she never ever has to go to the shop again. EVER. I promise I'll take such good care of her. I missed riding her so damn much. SCOOTERLOOOOOU.

In other news, sunburn has faded to a nice tan. Torrin is forbidden from picking out our clothes again, haha.
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2012-05-23 08:54 pm
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Name researching and some squee

So, Beth was doing some research, out of boredom and curiosity, on the origins of her maiden last name. And in old English, it means "wood of the black wolf".

For those've you who've been following me on my other journal, you'll see while this made me make squeaky noises of excitement, hahahaha. (And for those who haven't, I like wolves. And identify with them pretty strongly. I'm no werewolf or anything, though. Just fierce, no-nonsense, kickass Em.)

Other than that, I've got nothin' for you guys. My life's been boring. I came forward while we were walking earlier, due to a creeper following us around the next apartment complex over and us needing someone with some ass-kicking tendencies to lead the way, but other than that, I've just been in the back mostly, watching. And healing. Yeah. Nothing exciting.
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2012-05-19 06:40 pm
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Fuck ow. We got a sunburn thanks to Torrin's "oh it's so sunny out I want to spend all day outside" thing earlier. Beth had drinks with her friend, and since the buses are running on their summer schedule (read: their ridiculous schedule where buses on the route we use most only run once an hour instead of once every 10 minutes), we ended up walking home from downtown. And ended up all sorts of crispy. I mean, it's not horrible, it doesn't hurt to wear a shirt, but it is annoying. And our back itches. O_o

Husband's off getting some new aloe vera gel for us, since the old stuff doesn't seem to be doing much - and it is four years old, so maybe it's time to get fresh stuff. We're happy he's doing at least that for us - we'd do it ourselves, but I don't trust his scooter, and Scooterlou, our faithful steed, is in the frigging shop.

Maybe a scooter ride will put the husband in a better mood. He's been a cranky ass since we got home. I mean, he's got good reason, yeah, but honestly, he needs to stop dwelling on what's wrong with life and focus on the good. (But will he listen to us? Probably not.)

Oh wait, he brought flowers. I think that's a peace offering. And he apologized for being "a bear", as he calls it. And brought chocolate ice cream.

Okay, apology accepted. XD
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2012-05-19 12:31 pm
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(no subject)

Today is an absolutely beautiful sunny day. It's days like these where I love to spend the entire day outside, just soaking up the light. It's a little hot for my tastes, but there's not much I can do about that - so I'm just going to make sure the body stays hydrated and cool and enjoy this beautiful sun.

We're managing to push through the ridiculous mess with the bedroom ceiling, finally. Beth has settled into some sort of routine again, which is good. When her routine's thrown out of whack, it causes her some serious troubles - she finds it hard to concentrate, and her whole day ends up thrown off the rails. I'm glad she's finally settling into some sort of routine again.

(For those who don't know, I just realized nobody has posted about it here - when we came back from vacation on Wednesday, we came home to find out the upstairs toilet had a rather epic leak, causing the ceiling in the master bedroom to turn into a waterfall, ruining the bed and soaking the carpet. It was not a fun thing to come home to.)

Mm. I'm looking forward to the short walk we're going to have this afternoon, from the bus stop to the coffee/tea shop where Beth's meeting with a friend for some tea.
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2012-05-18 08:06 am
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*grumble grumble*

Okay. I'm here. There needs to be more coffee in this morning. *rubs eyes sleepily*

I bet some of you are wondering why we moved to using this journal again, especially since so many of us have our own journals.

Well, I've noticed that our inner House Gembell, the one we retreat to when we're not forward or even hovering around the edges of things, has been... empty. I dunno where everyone goes - I personally don't ever go far away from front, it's just how I work, but I want everyone to feel like the House is a place we can all go to when we're not front. Where we can all spend time together. And I think using this journal, all five of us, is gonna help build that up.

Granted, Ellie will go where she wants when she disappears, and Nina frigging flip-flops UNIVERSES when she visits, so for the time being, the main occupants are going to be myself, Torrin, and Beth, but so what? We all need to spend more time together. :D

One of us may post more about the House when we're more... awake. Right now, though, coffee needs to be consumed.
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2012-05-17 02:42 pm

Rising from the dead?

Well, this journal is, anyway.

And I figure I may as well introduce myself. I'm Torrin, one of the newer members of House Gembell. Em and I thought that it might be a good idea to dust off this journal and start posting in it again, to give those of us here who don't have personal journals a place to talk, and maybe encourage some of us to post more.

Anyway, if you've been following this journal for a while and decide you'd rather not read us anymore, feel free to remove any access/subscriptions you may have - I promise we won't be offended. We won't be cross-posting anything we write here to our personal journals, and vice versa - if I've got something I want to share that I wrote in my own journal, I'll likely post a link here, mixed in with other content as well to keep everyone entertained.

Hopefully this will encourage some of our quieter members to come out and talk!

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2011-10-30 12:36 pm
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(no subject)

Just a short update for those of you who don't follow Em over at her journal - we have a new member of the system, Torrin, and our sticky has been updated to reflect that. Ellie has also come back, just in time for NaNoWriMo!

If you're interested in reading more about Torrin, feel free to visit his journal - it's [personal profile] hillwanderer. And Em is posting pretty regularly at [personal profile] emeraldenigma, so feel free to read her entries over there. Beth and Ellie have been pretty quiet online, but if Ellie feels talkative, she'll likely post here.

Just wanted to keep everyone updated! :)

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2011-08-30 08:16 am
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Considering switching back to my personal journal, [personal profile] emeraldenigma, simply because I'm the only one that posts here. O_o Ellie's not much of a journaler, and Beth has her own space, so maybe I'll back up all my entries to [personal profile] emeraldenigma if I can and just scoot back there.

Feel free to go ahead and add my personal journal if you want - I'll probably add everyone back, I'm pretty open. :D There's a lot of rambling and stuff from when I was new here, and a little drama, but mostly just rambling. :P

Ugh. Don't want to get ready for work. But when work is over... I have the house to myself. :D
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2011-08-22 09:17 pm
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(no subject)

Beth stole my thunder tonight! For a little bit, anyway. But other than that, I've had the whole evening to myself. Loud music, talking to Kyte, eating poptarts and all.

I think someone in here has a crush on someone else in another system. She's confused and maybe lying to herself about it, so much so that she projected the feelings through another member of our little system. But yeah. Crushy time. It's kinda cute, actually. XD

But yeah. Had a good night. A great night. It was good, getting out and being me. I feel guilty, coming out when the husband's around, because he wants to spend time with Beth. But since he's got orientation stuff today, here I am. Kinda hope our schedules all work out so I get some free time to myself now and then. I mean, I have to have some me time, right? And the best time to do it is when he's not around. Works out best for everyone. (Although I did have a good walk with him yesterday. We went to go sell an iPod to some random guy on Craigslist, and I was the muscle. XD)

Beth's got a teaching demo tomorrow. I think she'll do just fine - it's Photoshop: The Basics. We'll kick butt in that - I can do it if I have to take over because she gets all anxious. I can handle it. I love me some Photoshop.

Listening to Tori Amos. I think I've always been more of the Tori fan in this little family here - I remember when Beth had a copy of Little Earthquakes she'd ended up borrowing from a friend and she was so afraid to listen to it, simply because one of the songs on it was named Crucify. Oh, Beth. Poor little innocent thing. I reached out to this music before I even had a voice, I think. When we finally got to see Tori back in 2007, I think her music grabbed the part of me that didn't know it was me yet, and dragged it out to listen to Tori. If that even makes any sense. I remember bursting into tears when she started to play "Yes, Anastasia", and clinging to Beth's friend Patty. So glad there was a bootleg of that concert released. That was one of the best nights of my life.

I keep living, I keep experiencing things, and it pulls out memories I didn't even know really belonged to me. Like the Tori concert. I've been here, living a life, all along.
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2011-08-16 08:38 pm
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Realizing things

Had a pretty epic realization on the way home from work today. Well, it felt pretty epic at the time, anyway.

I think it hit us both, Beth and I, that we're essentially twins. We look alike. (I don't know how exactly I never truly figured out how I'd look in the outer world, if I had my own body, but Beth came up behind me in the headspace today, turned me around, and she said it was like looking in a mirror. We're usually both up front at the same time so we don't get much chance to look at each other. :P ) We like the same books, the same tv shows. We feel like two pieces of a puzzle that just nestle together perfectly.

That's not to say I'm a carbon copy of her, or the other half to her whole. Good gods, no. The only electronics I've really figured out how to work are video game systems, while she's built computers. Beth doesn't really drink much, while if left to my own devices I could drain a bottle of chocolate wine in a night. I'm a much more sensual creature than she is. I'm louder. I've got an attitude. I don't take shit from anyone. (I mean, come on, I threatened to shove a My Little Pony where the sun don't shine on the husband when he gave me crap the other day) I like to be social, where she'd be happier just sitting at home all the time. I am the wolf, where she is the kitten.

But realizing that we are what we are together... makes things fit better. Feel better.
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2011-08-15 07:59 am
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(no subject)

Okay, so I've been shoved to the back quite a bit lately, and it's starting to wear on me. A lot.

I mean, for crying out loud, I'm finally back to being my normal self and now I can't go out and enjoy things, because Beth wants to do stuff or the husband decided he doesn't like me today? (Seriously, one day he was pissed at me because I was around too much and he wanted to spend time with Beth instead, then the next day he buys me a pony, because THAT'll make it all better, riiiight) I'm sick of this, and I'm sick of just not being treated like I used to. Like an equal.

SDRKGJnkrngnngdl. Just... very friggin' frustrated right now.