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About House Gembell:

We identify as plural, or multiple, and function as a small system - there are currently three of us who call this place home.

First off, Beth. She was the one who was born into the body. She's in her very early 30s, and looks barely 18. She's dealt with... well, quite a lot of trauma, and a lot of abuse from her mother. One of us, Em, showed up as a result of the worst of it, and works with Beth to handle situations when she's too anxious or too depressed. Aside from the depressing stuff, she's an avid book reader, sometimes she draws, and she does a lot of work with computers. She listens to almost every kind of music. She also loves to knit and crochet. She deals with depression, anxiety, a little OCD, and who knows what else. She's pansexual, polyamorous, married, and is in two loving relationships. (You can find her journal at [personal profile] violet_reversal.)

Next is Em. She's the one that arrived as a result of all the trauma that Beth dealt with. She identifies as in her late 20s. She's the strong one, as she puts it, and as shown by her actions. In the past, she'd only come out rarely - when Beth was in distress, or when Beth needed some extra encouragement. In December of 2010, though, she fully came out, and now has a more formed personality. She likes dubstep and techno, swears a lot, has a bit of a temper (which gets us into trouble), and loves to dress in outrageous clothing. She also enjoys vampire novels, with the exception of Twilight. Dark colors are her favorite, especially dark green. She's very intense, as others have pointed out, and she agrees with that. She's very protective of those she cares about, and feels that it's her duty to protect and defend everyone here. Out of everyone here, Em was the second to show up - she's been here for over fifteen years. She's also the most vocal of everyone. She's pansexual and polyamorous. (Em's personal journal is at [personal profile] emerald_gem.)

Next is Torrin, who showed up in September of 2011. He comes from another world, where he knew an alternate-universe version of Em and the two of them were in love. He adores mythology, especially Welsh mythology and Arthurian legends, and likes to listen to 80s music, Celtic-inspired music, and classic rock. He recently came back after a very long absence, and currently (as of 10/14/15) is non-communicative. That will hopefully change. (Torrin's personal journal is at [personal profile] hillwanderer.)

And, well, that's us in a nutshell.
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