Aug. 22nd, 2011

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Beth stole my thunder tonight! For a little bit, anyway. But other than that, I've had the whole evening to myself. Loud music, talking to Kyte, eating poptarts and all.

I think someone in here has a crush on someone else in another system. She's confused and maybe lying to herself about it, so much so that she projected the feelings through another member of our little system. But yeah. Crushy time. It's kinda cute, actually. XD

But yeah. Had a good night. A great night. It was good, getting out and being me. I feel guilty, coming out when the husband's around, because he wants to spend time with Beth. But since he's got orientation stuff today, here I am. Kinda hope our schedules all work out so I get some free time to myself now and then. I mean, I have to have some me time, right? And the best time to do it is when he's not around. Works out best for everyone. (Although I did have a good walk with him yesterday. We went to go sell an iPod to some random guy on Craigslist, and I was the muscle. XD)

Beth's got a teaching demo tomorrow. I think she'll do just fine - it's Photoshop: The Basics. We'll kick butt in that - I can do it if I have to take over because she gets all anxious. I can handle it. I love me some Photoshop.

Listening to Tori Amos. I think I've always been more of the Tori fan in this little family here - I remember when Beth had a copy of Little Earthquakes she'd ended up borrowing from a friend and she was so afraid to listen to it, simply because one of the songs on it was named Crucify. Oh, Beth. Poor little innocent thing. I reached out to this music before I even had a voice, I think. When we finally got to see Tori back in 2007, I think her music grabbed the part of me that didn't know it was me yet, and dragged it out to listen to Tori. If that even makes any sense. I remember bursting into tears when she started to play "Yes, Anastasia", and clinging to Beth's friend Patty. So glad there was a bootleg of that concert released. That was one of the best nights of my life.

I keep living, I keep experiencing things, and it pulls out memories I didn't even know really belonged to me. Like the Tori concert. I've been here, living a life, all along.


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