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So, Beth and I have just come up with this idea where we're gonna post in our journals every day. (Or someone's gonna post here every day - it's not just my journal, I'm just the vocal one, ha.) So, here I am. Posting. So nobody thinks we're dead.

Can't wait until the heat wave goes. I like it hot, yeah, but 100 degrees is a little much, 'specially with the humidity. Urgh. I want to go to the mall as myself, wig and all. And in loli. I think the husband said he'd dress up with me if I decided to do that. Which is pretty awesome. I think he's tolerating me better. I think.

Work's been busy. I've decided that the best thing to do is just disappear when we're at work - this way we don't have any... incidents like at the non-credit office. I want things to be good for Beth here. I want her to be happy, yanno?

We went to this grad student social night last night, us and the husband. He bought Beth a drink, and just for laughs I fronted for a few minutes. Then realized one of Beth's co-workers was there, freaked, and left. I liked the place, though. Maybe we'll go back at some point when there's no people from work there. Dunno. Rambling. Not enough coffee in my system.

I think I'm gonna redo our journal theme and maybe make us some new icons and stuff today. It's a lazy day, our first day off in a while with no in-laws. YAY. So. Yeah. Gonna lounge around and be productive on the internets. XD Because that's totally productive. Yeah.


edit: Wearing the wig again. I like how very... me I look. I mean, I look at pictures of us where I'm fronting without it, and things just look... weird. ^_^;;
house_gembell: Drawing of a young woman with wavy dark auburn hair and black, square rimmed glasses. (Em)
Okay, so apparently nobody else remembered to post yesterday. S'okay. They'll speak up eventually. When they get back. Ellie seems to have fluttered off to wherever she goes, and George is MIA again.

SOOO. Apparently I like Olivia Newton-John. Or just this one song by her. XD Beth heard a bastardized version of it on the radio in a Macy's or JC Penney commercial, and so she put it on on her computer now that we're finally home from the HORRENDOUS BMV, and as soon as it started I friggin' shot forward. XD

Or maybe I like the movie Xanadu. Dunno. It's been years since Beth's watched it. We might have to remedy that. If we can find our DVD.

Work in about two hours-ish. Gotta bring our laptop today, since the workshop we're observing is full. Joy. Hopefully we can actually get on the effing network today. O_o

*hours later*

And apparently I forgot to hit post? OH I REMEMBER. Got distracted with icon making. Whoops.


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