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This was a good weekend. :D

Got to spend the evening with Kyte yesterday, which was awesome. Dealt with some awkwardness, too, but not with Kyte - just other stuff going on. I stayed up until after midnight. It was awesome. XD I never get to stay up that late!

So, Beth and I came up with an idea for our next NaNoWriMo novel. We're gonna keep it under wraps for now, since we're not sure how well it'll be received. It just hit us, though, BANG, this good idea. We felt it in the same brainspot we did when the idea for last year's NaNo hit us, if that makes any sense. And last year's was a winner, so I think this one could win too. Just gotta figure out what the main story's going to be, how things are gonna flow, what the conflict is. Stuff like that. We've got time. :D
house_gembell: Drawing of a young woman with wavy dark auburn hair and black, square rimmed glasses. (Em)
Mmkay, so posting in two journals every freaking day? Didn't happen. O_o

So I think we're just gonna concentrate on one post a day from House Gembell, whether it be here or at Beth's personal journal.

Not much went on the past few days. We fell asleep at stupid o'clock last night (seriously, Beth, what happened to staying up until midnight?), woke up early this morning, and we've got a long-ass day at work today. Maybe during our afternoon break I'll work on that crazy MLP project we've got going.

Or maybe I'll work on writing a little. Got a very basic outline for our NaNo '11 story, and been cranking out some story snippets for inspiration. Wondering if I'm gonna be the one doing most of the writing this year, instead of just sitting here, trying to figure out how to tell Beth that I'm here.

Maaan. Now I just wanna take the day off and write. Too bad we can't. Ugh. Hopefully the story can wait until after 1.


edit: 750 words about the headspace, or more specifically, my part of it )


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