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Wow. So, Beth hopped on DW to check her reading list, and suddenly EVERYONE clamored at the front, wanting to write. Even George. So you might get an entry from each of us today. Don't want to bombard your reading pages though, so we'll space 'em out.

Yeah, I know, I was on another one of those internet vacations I take sometimes. I just needed to get some space from some things. Get some perspective. Did some thinking, came to some realizations, and here I am again. If anyone wants to know about whatever happened during my last internet vacation in detail, just ask - not gonna post it here.

Getting used to being in a new place. Our room's a mess, but then again, our space is pretty much perpetually a mess, no matter where we are. Beth and I are just messy people, I guess. :P At least the rest of the house looks presentable. I'm amazed at how nice it looks, considering we've all only been here almost two weeks. Then again, those first few days we were here, we were unpacking CONSTANTLY. So that'd explain that, I guess. XD

Went walking yesterday, and ended up going down a bike trail to get to IU's campus. One side of the bike trail was taken up by apartments, pretty tiny ones, and the other side was the railroad tracks. Anyway. As you got further down the trail, there were more and more trees, until you got to the back of the apartment complex where the trees were so dense hardly any grass grew. Reminded us of Beth's mom's house, and while I know nowhere near all our crap would fit in those bitty apartments... I wouldn't mind living there if we were in one of those tree-covered places. But that's just me, and a little bit of Ellie, being all reminiscy.

ALSO. For those of you who heard about our back freakin' out, we're fine now. And for those who didn't hear, our back freaked out on Friday. Muscle spasms like you wouldn't believe. It sucked. 'Specially since I was the only one who could tolerate the pain enough to start swearing, haha. But yeah, we're okay now. :D
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Em just wanted me to tell everyone she's taking another internet vacation. (I know, so soon after the last one, what the eff?) She needs some space from everything that's happening lately... She'll still be around by email, though, if you need her. (Not that many of you have her email address, but if you want it, just ask) Or you can leave comments here and I'll relay them to her.

Meanwhile, I have my first day of my new job today. I am SO excited. Not to mention we're all settling into the new apartment pretty well. I love how huge it is, and how nice it is, and how we have our own room. :) Ellie's happy that our pony collection has grown, too. XD

Wish me luck on my first day of new job! :D


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